Hi Stones fan,

My name is Staffan, born in the late -52, living north of Stockholm, Sweden, with my wife and our youngest son. I have also two grown up boys. I知 working as an engineer in the nuclear power industry.

The first musical experience during the fantastic エ60s was Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis. Then it was turning out to be even better, the sixties exploded with Rolling Stones, Beatles, Kinks, Who, Animals, Jimi Hendrix, Status Quo and also some Swedish bands as Shanes, Hep Stars and Tages. Later on I listen to Creedence, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple, Bachman-Turner Overdrive among others. At that time we check out what was going on with help of the Swedish Radio, Radio Luxembourg and pop-magazines. What a wonderful time that was!

The Rolling Stones were always on my mind in younger days and over all these years, more than 40 years, they stand above others in more ways than one. Stones have songs for everybody痴 taste. I知 convinced that Stones are the greatest Rockエn`Roll band on earth and nobody will ever come close to them.

I知 not a collector but you can say that I知 collecting musical experience and nice rockエnエroll memories. You know, sometimes I'm a rocker and sometimes I'm all a roller, I may go down sometimes but I come back to rock'n'roller. Nowadays, when I知 not so young anymore I have calm down a bit and trying more to be a good Viking, that is to say, I知 listen to rock music and I need the Stones to keep me happy.

Posting on the message board as 塗eadheart&balls and I have chosen the nickname cause I知 a Keith Richards fan. He is very cool and I like his manner, style and way of playing guitar. Just as long as Keith's guitar plays, it will steal my heart away.

My wife also likes Stones and we enjoy travelling to concerts, especially Stones-concerts, and that makes my life easier!

I have a dream that one day see the Rolling Stones at MSG, USA and I hope my dream will come true next year. Well, I just keep on rockin' and hope for the best!

See you there, see you anywhere...keep rollinエ...

 Rock on!

Stones gigs so far:

1998 Jul. 31, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden
1998 Sep. 8, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden
2003 Jul. 18, Stockholm, Stadion, Sweden
2003 Jul. 20, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden
2006 Aug. 6, Zurich, Dubendorf, Switzerland
2006 Aug. 12, Porto, Estadio do Dragao, Portugal
2007 Aug. 1, Helsinki, Olympic Stadium, Finland
2007 Aug. 3, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden
2007 Aug. 5, Copenhagen, Parken, Denmark
2007 Aug. 8, Oslo, Valle Hovin, Norway
2007 Aug. 15, Hamburg, AOL Arena, Germany
2007 Aug. 21, London, O2 Arena, UK
2007 Aug. 23, London, O2 Arena, UK
2007 Aug. 26, London, O2 Arena, UK

Bill Wymanエs Rhythm Kings
2005 Oct. 31, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden
2007 Oct. 6, Bill Wymanエs Rhythm Kings, Falun, Kristinehallen, Sweden

 Other gigs over the last decade

  • 1997 Oct. 31, John Fogerty, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 1998 Jul. 30, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 1998 Sep. 11, John Fogerty, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 1999 Sep. 17, Iron Maiden, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden 

  • 2000 Mar. 22, Dave Edmunds, Uppsala, Fredmans, Sweden

  • 2000 Apr. 2, The Animals, Uppsala, Fredmans, Sweden

  • 2000 Oct. 7, Deep Purple, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2000 Nov. 11, AC/DC, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2001 Jun. 3, The Eagles, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2001 Jul. 10, U2 Elevation Tour, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2001 Nov. 16, Roxette, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2002 May 4, Eric Burdon, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2002 Jun. 6, Rod Stewart, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2002 Jun. 8, Elton John, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2002 Oct. 5, The Spotnicks, Johnny & Hurricanes, Uppsala, Fyrishov, Sweden

  • 2003 Apr. 12, Wilmer X, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2003 May 5, Paul McCartney, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2003 Jun. 21, Bruce Springsteen, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden

  • 2003 Aug. 1, Ulf Lundell, Uppsala, Fyrishov, Sweden

  • 2003 Oct. 4, Rockエnエroll cirkus, Uppsala, Fyrishov, Sweden

  • 2003 Oct. 8, David Bowie, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2003 Oct. 11, Bob Dylan, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2003 Nov. 24, Deep Purple, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden

  • 2004 Apr. 9, Spenser Davis Group, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2004 May 30, Metallica, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden

  • 2004 Jun. 12, Paul McCartney, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden

  • 2004 Jun. 15, Cher, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2004 Jun. 29, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2004 Aug. 20, Sven Zetterberg, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2004 Sep. 18, Whitesnake, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden

  • 2004 Oct. 17, Ray Davies, Stockholm, Cirkus, Sweden

  • 2004 Oct. 21, Europe, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden

  • 2004 Oct. 22, The Refreshments, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2005 Mar. 5, John Fogerty, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2005 May 12, Mark Knopfler, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2005 Jun. 16, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2005 Jul. 9, Iron Maiden, Gothenburg, Ullevi, Sweden

  • 2005 Oct. 15, The Golden Sixties, Stockholm, Globens Annex, Sweden

  • 2006 Jan. 26, Oasis, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden

  • 2006 Apr. 18, Ray Davies, Stockholm, Cirkus, Sweden

  • 2006 May 2, Santana, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2006 Jul. 2, Buddy Guy, Stockholm, Berns, Sweden

  • 2006 Jul. 10, John Fogerty, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden,

  • 2006 Jul. 25, Eric Burdon, Uppsala, Katalin, Sweden

  • 2006 Jul. 29, Eric Clapton, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2006 Sep. 23, Bryan Adams, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden

  • 2006 Dec. 21, RockエnエRoll X-mas, The Refreshments, Uppsala, Fyrishov, Sweden

  • 2007 Jan. 28, Chuck Berry, Stockholm, Berns, Sweden

  • 2007 Mar. 7, Jerry Lee Lewis, Stockholm, Solnahallen, Sweden

  • 2007 Jul. 6, The Who, Stockholm, Globen, Sweden

  • 2007 Jul. 14, Status Quo, Chuck Berry, Stockholm, Ulriksdals slott, Sweden

  • 2007 Jul. 20, Rod Stewart, Stockholm, Stadion, Sweden

  • 2007 Sep. 14, Nick Lowe, Uppsala, Musikens hus, Sweden
    2007 Nov. 10, 60th Pop festival, Uppsala, Fyrishov, Sweden

 Coming gigs

2007 Dec. 8, RockエnエRoll X-mas, The Refreshments, Uppsala, Musikens hus, Sweden

2008 Apr. 23, Mark Knopfler, Stockholm, Hovet, Sweden





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