Well, we are a bunch of hardcore Stonesfans who first got together during the Stockholm Trilogy 2003. Everybody pretty much knew about the others, but when our nicks were revealed to eachother, things just fell in to place. Since then we have daily contact with eachother with the help of either mail or telephone. When we can, we go visit a NSV member, just to party or, go to a concert or recordfair. We are from Sweden and Finland. We like to trade CDs and DVDs.  If you would like to trade, just mail anyone of us, or register in our messageboard and weīll see what we can do. Also, have a look around the members pages!

Donīt ask for a membership, as itīs not going to happen. A NSV membership comes to those whom we think fit in, and most of all is a good friend in real life.
NSV does not aim to be a huge association.

We donīt feel the need to tell the Stones story here, plenty of excellent pages out there which do an excellent job of that, have a look in the links section for our favorites.Cheers,

And may God speed The Rolling Stones!

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