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I’m Jan Richardsson, born 5 months before the Stones did their first gig at Marquee. So then ya know how old I am.
I was born in Vasa, Finland were I still hang around. Living under the
same roof as my lady, Maria and my daughter Julia, born nine months
after I got back from Bangladesh, one year before the Licks tour started.
So, then ya know how old my kid is.
I’m working in the power business, providing aftermarket services
for hugh size engines for power plants and marin applications
worldwide. RCCL and CCL in the Caribbeans just to name a few.

Nickname at home: Janne
Posting on the net as: Jan Richards



Me & My Lady

Got hooked on Da Stones in the early 80’s and been collecting Stones
stuff ever since. Don’t care much for the bootlegging but as soon as
someone starts to talk about original non boxed DECCA UK LP’s,
then I’m all yours! That is my main target, to get all different UK and US
LP’s into my collection, non boxed, boxed, mono and stereo, originals,
reprints, whatever. Details are my bag so nowadays I am also in to
the “off groove” markings on them old LP’s. Have some 500 different
LP’s, another 300 7” singles, some CD and other stuff as well, totalling
around 1200 pcs.
If someone is interesting in getting into the grooves, please get in touch
with me. I am working on documenting what is around. Please have
a look on the DECCA page here on our homepage as well.




In addition to the vinyl LP's i do also collect some modern stuff like CD
singles. There are so many mixes and version existing on them that
you do not find anywhere else. So to get a complete Stones collection
with all existing versions of songs, then you have to get them.
Well, I do also like the format and the covers of the singles.

Here is a picture of one of my items. Picked this one up on a local
internet auction site in January 2008 for 7 Euros....
This one is usually listed as number 4 on the top ten most difficult
Stones CD singles existing.




The better part of my office, the VINYL one!!


The other boring part of my office, those deecees


Me again:)




I have also some other strange hobbies, like collecting stamps. I have a couple of qubic meters of ‘em, old and new, cheap and expensive ones.
Even the worlds very first one, "Black penny" from 1840 in UK

Then I’m also into old vintage US cars from da 50’s and 60’s. Have had a buch of ‘em also, more than 100 actually.
Favorite one was a 1956 Chrysler St Regis 2DHT, or the 1966 Coronet 2DHT, or maybe the 1967 Belvedere four door sedan original HEMI car,
or maybe the 1962 Chrysler 300. No Chevy’s for me thanks.... Don't even mention Ford to me...

On the car picture you can see the 1967 Original Hemi Belvedere, VIN number "RH41J7..." for ya car nuts.
They built only ONE in 1967. The other one was a -63 Sports Fury special production by HURST with a 426 Max Wedge
and a 4-speed:) No I do NOT have the cars anymore:(


First stamp in the world


1967 Original 4 door Hemi Belvedere & 1963 Max Wedge Sport Fury



Well, my second big hobby, old vintage US cars took a new turn in the summer of 2007. I had been without
a car for a number of years and I could not manage anymore......



So I had to get me some new wheels. 1957 Dodge Custom Royal 2 D HT. 325 cid V8 with twin carbs and automatic



Me and a guy I've met a few times





1990 Rolling Stones, Göteborg August 3rd
1995 Rolling Stones, Helsinki June 6th
1998 Rolling Stones, Göteborg July 31st
1998 Rolling Stones, Helsinki August 5th
1998 Rolling Stones, Stockholm Globen September 9th
1999 Rolling Stones, London Wembly June 11th
1999 Rolling Stones, London Wembly June 12th
2002 Rolling Stones, New York MSG September 26th
2002 Rolling Stones, NJ Giants Stadium September 28th
2002 Rolling Stones, Sunrice Ft Lauderdale October 22nd
2002 Rolling Stones, Miami October 23rd
2003 Rolling Stones, Helsinki July 16th
2003 Rolling Stones, Stockholm Stadion July 18th
2003 Rolling Stones, Stockholm Globen July 20th
2003 Rolling Stones, Stockholm Cirkus July 22nd
2005 Rolling Stones, Boston August 21st
2005 Rolling Stones, Boston August 23rd
2006 Rolling Stones, Horsens Denmark September 3rd
2007 Rolling Stones, Paris June 16th
2007 Rolling Stones, Helsinki August 1st
  2007 Rolling Stones, Gothenburg Ullevi August 3rd
2007 Rolling Stones, Copenhagen Parken August 5th
2007 Rolling Stones, London O2 Arena August 23rd
2007 Rolling Stones, London O2 Arena
August 26th



2002 MICK TAYLOR & Wentus Blues Band, Umeå Se
2003 MICK TAYLOR & Wentus Blues Band, Vasa Fi
2004 MICK TAYLOR & Wentus Blues Band, Helsinki Fi
2005 MICK TAYLOR & Wentus Blues Band, Helsinki Fi
2005 Bill Wyman & Rythm Kings, Helsinki FI
2005 Bill Wyman & Rythm Kings, Tampere



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